Hello, we are TAmSee.

We are building networks that offer pro tools which are free for you to use. You just need to have an interest in active and/or competitive pursuits. It also helps if you want to unlock your potential.

To break it down: If you’re into eSports, football, tennis, swimming, cycling, snooker, chess or rambling and everything else in between, we’ve got you covered. If we don’t list something that you’re passionate about, let us know so we can remedy that.

TAmSee isn’t a normal social network for normal people..

It’s a self empowerment tool for people who want to achieve great things. Can you afford to miss out? Sign up now! Please make sure that you have registered for our newsletter. This will be our direct means of communication in alerting you to our progress and for up to the minute release notifications. Please, double check that our emails aren’t being dumped in your Spam folder.

We didn’t invent social networking. We just added a reason to do so.

How This Plays Out