How This Plays Out

At TAmSee, we plan to deliver a network for members with specific interests in sports and activities of a competitive nature. You could look at TAmSee as an amateur sports directive – we will provide the tools to help you explore your interests, and promote and showcase yourself with a professional feel. TAmSee is NOT an emulation of the likes of Facebook. We have a very specific audience that we appeal to and that would benefit most from what we do. We are a revolutionary network with a defined identity. Our mantra is “Progress Through Harmony”, which does also mean that we must have a few simple rules in place in order to make this a relevant and safe network for our members.

Just a few reasons for your advantage, right now or very soon:

  • Uninterrupted discussions on interesting community topics
  • Communities with the same interests
  • Equipment discussions, reviews and feedback
  • Individual, team, and competition opportunities
  • Build a desired team and contacts
  • Showcase abilities
  • Club recognition and case studies

We offer different member types which will tailor the profile fields to your requirements.
You can register as:

  • A ‘regular member’ someone who practices
  • A ‘writer/blogger’ related to your interests in the amateur and professional arena
  • A ‘health advisor’ works within the sporting sector related to or has an interest in relevant interests
  • A ‘club’ health club or sports club etc
  • A ‘school’ primary or secondary/high etc
  • A ‘college/university’ no explanation required
  • A ‘business’ relevant to listed activities

For now, we’re offering our members the opportunity to register their interests and create a profile. Along with the profile builder and message system, we offer forums for each activity in order to keep posts relevant to each. Create your own string of conversations to seek and find opinions on what matters to you!

TAmSee has been developed, and will continue to be developed, to serve its members as a social network for individuals with an interest in active living, sports and activities of a competitive nature. By joining TAmSee now you will always have early access to all the tech that will be launched.

So what are you waiting for?

In our current state TAmSee (Beta) is a pre-registration site, as an early member you will get access to the complete system first and access to the cool tools – So stay ahead of the game and hang on in there while we complete the real cool tools for the TAmSee engine…

And we are just getting warm… Joining TAmSee as an early adopter supports our ability to continue improving the platform in supporting you and develop the complete “Game Changing” tools free for your benefits…
We aim to deliver a crossover for virtual to real world activities and sports.. Join today and become a member. There are already lots of tools you can have fun with…

Why not create your Profile (and any Team’s you are a member of) with the Group Tool Now – For Free!!

While TAmSee is already quite stable and usable, it is also in constant evolution. Features and cool tools will be developed and fine tuned as we move forward. We appreciate your patience as we gather speed in our way through this process of producing TAmSee to a standard that we feel that our members deserve and more. We value highly any community feedback thrown our way, as this helps us to discover much sooner.

We’re releasing the Beta version of the platform to as wide an audience as possible so that we can derive a healthy account of community testing value before we launch the “bells and whistles” goodness of TAmSee actual.

Our intention is to remain in Beta just until we gain a good number of members and enough feedback to set the foundation for TAmSee (what you see is just the start of the evolution of Social Media and for now we can only show you a fraction of the system). We’ll continue refining and expanding the user experience until we launch – So please use the tools and features already provided with our compliments and “Invite your Friends” and start building your “Teams“.