We are currently in our Beta phase and are keen to develop the TAmSee platform as we progress, to ensure Members with a disability are fully catered for.

In the initial phase, we have concentrated on ensuring we provide some support, initially, for the visually impaired. Over time this, like the platform, is anticipated to develop to to cater for the fully visually impaired.

For now, although we have no affiliation to any of the below organisations, there are a variety of tools that can be used on your device to help. They are separate from the platform itself, and are suggestions for blind or visually impaired Members including:

This is just the beginning, TamSee intend to develop our support for Members with a disability.
TAmSee is planning to provide a series of real world tools, to help you interact, engage and compete with all other Members, we will be releasing these, as the platform develops.

To keep up to speed with all the latest developments and our plans to help your personal development please sign up as an early member and we will keep you informed, at the very least by our Newsletter as we progress towards delivering the complete Social Media Platform.