Hello, we are TAmSee.

When it comes to taking part or actually choosing an activity to pursue, we do the things that we love or for the health benefits that they bring, or both. In the end it becomes a competitive challenge. Either against individuals or on a personal level. Become better, faster, stronger, more accurate, and to that end, more skillful… and hopefully to the point of mastery.


TAmSee isn’t a normal social network for normal people..

The route to mastering your chosen interest takes five ingredients, dedication, hard work, and practice, practice, practice. The best way to conduct the latter is through challenging others who have also chosen that very same path of mastery. Push yourself by competing against others. It’s the best way to discover your standard and how you should improve. Of course, there will always be physical attributes that are beyond reach, but to understand oneself and your capabilities is in itself an advantage.

We didn’t invent social networking. We just added a reason to do so.

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